Jacqueline’s Nursery Reveal

Our newest addition, baby Jackie, turned two months old on the third of November so I decided it is about time to do a nursery reveal! Before the nursery was to be Jackie’s room it was the unpainted “whatever the owners before us blah blah” room. To convey the hideous neon ‘pastel-esque green’ that was… I can do nothing but include photos. Words cannot do it justice. You have to see it.


This was when we were getting ready to paint. We finally settled on light purple paint on all the walls with some darker purple stripes on the accent wall. For Jackie’s nursery I wanted classic vintage charm.  All of my ideas came to fruition when I came across a blanket over at Baby Forever Young on etsy!


I know. I KNOW. The eyelashes on the rabbit. The dark eggplant back. It is EVERYTHING I’ve ever dreamed for a nursery in one blanket. This became my mission: to find all the other elements of the nursery to coordinate with this blanket. Of course I bought this adorable blanket IMMEDIATELY. Later, I even snagged the changing pad cover to match!

(Sorry for the terrible lighting! Just focus on how great the cover is!)

This changing pad cover really brought the whole nursery together! The eggplant dresser per the blanket backing and the adorable apothecary cabinet to hold all our changing powders and creams. Everything was coming together. I just needed bunnies. With everything bunny on the brain I went looking for the last few touches. I hit the town square in Granbury searching for ALL THE vintage. I stopped in at Market on the Square and hit the bunny jackpot!


These three little babies were perfect for the feel I wanted! The frame is from mud-pie. I received it as a gift at my shower. The mounted drawers are from Hobby Lobby.

While out searching for bunny figurines I stumbled upon some bunnies I didn’t need but HAD to have!  Notably…


This cutie was found at St. Helen’s on the square. He is a Jellycat brand and is OH SO SOFT!


A trip to Target ended with this little guy coming home with us. Not only is he an adorable plushie…he is musical! One pull of the star and he plays sweet lullabies!


Found on the square at Connie’s was this adorable bunny in a floral dress with matching headband! She didn’t just fit the bunny criteria- SHE WAS HALF OFF! Which, if you know me, you know that is warrant enough for purchase!

Other spotlights of the nursery include our hair bow banner. This adorable purple fabric banner was decor my sister used at my baby shower. I couldn’t let it go to waste and I love that I got to incorporate it into her nursery!


Introducing the reading corner! This space holds so much sentiment for me! The paintings here were painted by my mother in law in beautiful purple to accent the nursery decor. The “Treasury of Fairy Tales” is mine, gifted to me on my sixth birthday.

The vintage bunny lamp. Y’all, I can’t EVEN. The best way to convey my feelings about this lamp is to include this snapshot of my face from when I opened it at the shower. My best friend is an amazing thrifter! I had never seen this lamp before but clearly I was in love!


(I couldn’t fake emotions if I tried!)

With all the rules on crib bumpers and bedding our ‘go to’ bedding for all our babes has been Zip Sheets! If you aren’t familiar with them please check them out! They are amazing. I don’t know who invented them but I would be willing to bet she is a mom. The waterproof protector zips onto the mattress and it has velcro along the perimeter. Each quilted “piddle pad” has velcro along it so you literally just lay the crib sheet on matching up the velcro. For removal just “sssshhhpppp” pull it off.

(BTW that is my velcro sound.)


The beautiful “Runaway Bunny” framed picture was found by my sister on a “buy sell and trade” site. What are the chances, right? Clearly I surround myself with amazing thrifty ladies! They are money saving ninjas. #moneysavingninja

The mobile is something I made myself. I used soft bunny ornaments found on Zulily. The vintage stripes and dots are perfect. I added some tulle and an embroidery ring, TA DA, a mobile.

That is all she wrote folks! I hope you enjoyed a look into baby Jackie’s nursery. This is my first publish into the “blogosphere” so please be gentle. Leave comments/questions below so I can answer them in my next post!

Love in Jesus,



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  1. Love this Lady!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the story behind it all!

  2. Your best friend sounds amazing. You should cook a baby for her next and blog about that too. Sweet read, I was wondering when your scrapbooks would go viral. Need to see my baby J’s! Love y’all! ♡♡♡

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