A Letter to Mothers Hurting this Holiday Season

To all the mothers who are still struggling, grieving, and healing. No matter where you happen to find yourself this year, I want you to know that we are grateful for you.

You who press on month after month waiting for those two little lines. You will one day be a great mom. Until then please know that we are so grateful for you and your dedication to shape and love a little life.

You who are crying over the loss of a child scrambling to find the energy to feel thankful at all. Yet you still show up with a smile and sit at the table with us. We see you and all the effort it takes to show up. Please know that we are so grateful that you are willing to come be loved by us, and share this day with us, even though you feel incomplete.

You who are healing but for some reason can’t shake this feeling. We know how hard the holiday season is. We know that no amount of time or healing will make you ever forget. We don’t want you to. Please know that we are so grateful for you and your ability to keep memories alive as you continue to heal.

“Regardless of your situation, thank you for taking time to be with us.”

This year I am grateful for baby poop. Baby poop means that there is a baby here. A baby with a tangible little baby butt expelling smelly baby poop. It is something I have prayed for, cried for, and screamed in anger at God for not having. I haven’t forgotten what it feels like during the holiday season to be surrounded by my loved ones and still feel all alone at the same time. If I can give you one thing, sweet friend, let it be this:

We love you. We see you. We acknowledge where you are, right now, in this season. It is hard. I don’t know if it will ever get easier. You are not alone. Your feelings are valid. We are so grateful for you.



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