New year… New _______?

I was reading on Forbes today about Resolutions.

“If you’ve already slipped up (or thought about it), you’re not alone. According U.S. News, about 80% of resolution-makers trade enthusiasm for disappointment by early February. Other research indicates that 30% don’t even make it that far, ditching their resolutions before they reach the two-week mark.

I can’t decide if those numbers are surprising or not. It did make me reevaluate my willpower. I want to do better and be better. (But let’s #realtalk I also want to sleep through the night, go to bed early, and wake up before my kids… but here we are.)

Late in 2018 I became kind of obsessed with the happier podcast. If you aren’t familiar with Gretchen Ruben, she’s fabulous! She is the creative mind behind the 18 for 2018. For the new year 19 for 2019 was a given.

Disclosure: Because we all love Jesus here and believe in lifting each other up, let’s not talk about what we did or did not accomplish in 2018. (READ: my 2018 was cray cray. Like so insane I can’t even afford a ‘Z’.) Yes, I’m that lame cool.

Anyways, in the spirit of moving forward I’ve decided to focus on my goals for 2019 and double my efforts to NOT be part of that 80%.

Do y’all set goals? Resolutions? Vision boards? Do you feel like one gave you more success over another? (READ: Tell me your secrets!)

In my brain on the side of “who I want to be” I’m a person who achieves goals, is organized, etc..

Honestly, it’s not even that I am perpetually not achieving. It’s more like my motivation and success rate for achieving goals has been hijacked by these adorable little people.

People I wouldn’t trade for anything. People who make a 5 minute task take 25 minutes. (WHY CAN’T WE JUST PUT ON OUR SHOES AND LEAVE THEM ON???) I’m trying to embrace the reality of this season of life. The season of little people, squishy cheeks, and tantrums. With that, I’m trying to set goals that are achievable. Hear me out, not total gimmes or anything. Just goals that are not completely unfeasible.

If you don’t have children this list will seem so simple you could do it in your sleep. Unfortunately I’m in the season of no sleep… so that’s not an option for me. No hard feelings. Just #realtalk.

That being said, here is my 19 for 2019:

1. Get a living will prepared.

2. Go out with my husband once a month kid free.

3. Reach my wedding weight.

4. Catch up on family yearbooks.

5. Donate or sell 4 items every month.

6. Enable an adventure once a month for my husband. (He’s the outdoorsy type.)

7. Once a week tangibly treasure my right now. (Remember that bit about accepting my reality? Accepting this season of life? Yes, this is that.)

8. Read 3 books every day with Jackie.

9. Cease reminding people to participate in my children’s lives. (I could write a whole post about JUST this. My misplaced identity that should be in Christ and not others. My false idols. Grandparents that don’t your children’s names. Etc.)

10. Take more naps. (Ye without children may scoff- but this is a real struggle!)

11. Invite every new person I meet to church. (We just moved so meeting new people is an every time I leave the house occurrence.)

12. Learn one ASL sign a week! (I’m a speechie #NFL4life so the alliteration lover in me was thinking, “sign Saturday”.)

13. Investigate/find a community band or equivalent in my new state. (Try not to be so impressed with how cool I am. Yes, band and debate. I’m obviously the whole package.🤣)

14. Find three new ways to show my husband I respect him.

15. Get passports.

16. Mail one letter a week.

17. Prioritize one on one time with each daughter 4 times a year.

18. Actively pursue saying ‘yes’ to my girls.

19. Take the girls hiking 10 times.

Now that I’ve bared my soul and, not so challenging to most, aspirations I want to know what your goals are. Also, I need your help. #7 has really been giving me some trouble. I know I need to tangibly and intentionally treasure my right now. However, I’m not sure what that will look like. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions.

We are all just trying to be better than we were yesterday over here. (Know better do better mentality.) I hope we can encourage one another, celebrate each other’s success, and be transparent about our not so successful moments.

Love in Jesus,



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  1. Brittany Bostick January 7, 2019 — 4:44 am

    I just love your beautiful soul! I don’t have children but your goals are amazing and some I need to enforce in myself! I have two goals this year, have my weight loss surgery and to be a happier/less anxious person!!

    P/S: we lived a town away from each other and never ate on the square together!!!! So sad!!

    Love ya girl!


    • I love you, girl!
      I hate that I didn’t get to see you when we were close!

      Let’s hold each other accountable? You in? I need someone to just reach out periodically and check in.
      We can put it in our planners!
      I bet we can even find planner stickers just for our goals!

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