Dear Jacqueline

:::This letter was hand written in my old planner dated February 21, 2017.:::

Dear Jacqueline,

Today is my birthday. I am 26. You are 5 months old. On this day one year ago we announced to our family that you were “here”. For the reveal Jasey showed up to my birthday dinner in a “BIG SISTER” shirt. She was beyond proud to let EVERYONE know that she was having a baby. That was the best birthday gift of 2016. You safely tucked away on the other side of the “13 weeks” finish line.

This year my favorite gift isn’t as tangible. The winner of birthday 2017 is the love that you and your sister share. Your father and I pray that you are both always “your sister’s keeper”. I hope when Jasey looks back at all the attention, time, and love that went into having you she knows it was for her.

For the ‘sibling-hood’. For the ‘sister-hood’.

“Mom, if you want Jasey to know that why is this letter addressed to me?”

Well, future Jackie, this letter is to you because Jasey has been in love with you since before you ever took a breath. She has prayed for you since before we started trying to conceive. Jasey has been methodically trained every day to love and protect you. She has helped change your diapers and cared for you at your most vulnerable. It is impossible for you to ever say the same of her. Life is just so when you aren’t the first born.

As you sit here laughing with adoration, in awe of everything big sister does, I hope that you will always be this way. Always be your sister’s keeper. When you are older it will be harder for you to be as understanding with Jasey as she is with you. You will never have learned to love her when she can’t talk. You will never have compromised for Jasey as many times as she has for you.

“Always be your sister’s keeper.”

My prayer is that you take this to heart and give Jasey grace. Understand the sacrifices, responsibilities, and expectations Jasey’s four year old self were met with.

Sacrifices, responsibilities, and expectations she took on with a happy heart. If only just to finally have a sister.

Jacqueline, my dearest, hear this if nothing else:

Love each other. Apologize often. Be your sister’s keeper.

I love you always,



Don’t you worry. Jasey has a letter, too.😉


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    • P.S.
      I love you and I’m sorry I didn’t give you more grace. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you had always given for me, compromised, and taken on more responsibility. Sometimes.. birth order is a realllll jerk. You’re the real MVP. 😘

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